Sports :: How To Make Carp Boilies And Fishing Paste Baits Using Pineapple Flavours And Butyric Acid!

12bet สํารอง This is a mixture of really seriously potent natural foods absolutely packed with feeding triggers and attractor substances that carp, and also other fish such as barbel and chub are extremely sensitive to!

Personally I avoid using any heated baits at all in cold water wherever possible. I say much more about this on CC Moore TV each month as a consultant describing how and why to use a massive diversity of various substances to trigger feeding in many potent ways and also gain incredible competitive edges over competing baits!

Cyprivit is an often over looked additive but it really enhances palatability and so boosts repetitive feeding, and the B vitamins in it really boost fish energy levels so improves your chances of getting more bites and more fish in the cold!

Other addictives that I would recommend include enzyme treated yeast powder and yeast powder (probiotic) and of course soluble fish protein and green lipped mussel extract. These really make such an incredible difference to results and impacts on fish senses believe me!

So you are looking to produce some incredibly effective economical paste baits, or boilies or pellets for this winter and spring? Pineapple is so popular but these extremely potent homemade baits described here are so different! These ideas and recipes will really prove their worth even as free baits or paste wraps around your favourite readymade boilies etc; so read on now!

Boilies really are not needed most of the time but I do not use baits because I want all the nutritional stimulation and attraction in my baits to be fully intact and leak off as efficiently as possible to seriously hit the fish right between the eyes! To most maximize cold water baits using the above ingredients and additives takes further understanding and secrets that make them incredibly habit forming over and above normal baits, and that is really where the biggest success is discovered! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

You really need to offer fish highly soluble ingredients and additives in very easily dispersed forms for fishing baits used in cold waters of the late autumn, winter and spring. Very usually additives and ingredients that are highly soluble also happen to be very much more easily digested by carp and other fish, and also really effectively disperse in the water column to form highly potent concentration gradients that fish can easily detect and home in onto in order to find your hook baits! Better than this though is that such fish will be excited to a massive degree before they reach your bait, thus making them much easier to catch as they drop their natural caution to a higher degree!

Ok I said this bait is about pineapple, well how about using the unique pineapple and butyric acid flavour custom designed by a leading house for CW Baits; it is really dominating waters now! Simply mix whatever ingredients and additives you wish to use into paste (you do not even need to use eggs,) maybe just Liquid Super Slop from CC Moore. This might mean recasting more often but it is very surprising that most pastes can be made to last intact for at least 6 hours and I have made homemade paste that lasts at least in terms of the main matrix of the bait as long as 23 hours plus (without using any egg!)

CC Moore Ultrasweet is an intense sweetener. I would get some CC Moore Super Slop in the course, and in the liquid forms. Few anglers use squid powder to alter characteristics of their sweet pineapple baits so try it! It might sound strange to use it alongside CSL (corn steep liquor) powder for instance or raw molasses but do it and see what occurs; I will not cover the nutritional secrets of why this is here but later in this article you will see where to find these secrets out OK!

The first step is to get some calcium caseinate and whey protein concentrate or lactalbumin and casein of varied forms. I might add some extra ingredients such as garlic powder, blue cheese powder rich in butyric acid and attractive salts and soluble proteins etc also. Think about it; doing this produces a double whammy effect of fast leak off of stimulation plus a slow but intense leak off that really lasts, both pulling fish in excited states and modes of behaviours to your hook baits! Look into this factor as much as possible and you really will reap big rewards as a result!

For paste using the above kinds of ingredients and additives you will have extremely potent paste, just add your pineapple flavour and away you go. Next get some fructose powder and lactose, maybe some vanilla extract meal and wheatgerm, Belachan or fermented shrimp powder from CC Moore, plus some betaine from them or the really effective betaine HCL from CW Baits. For a twist, why not mix up some high PC liquid lecithin from CW Baits with clove or cinnamon essential oil, and add this to you pineapple flavour!. I would certainly add Feedstim XP (In powder form), and hydrolysed poultry protein. This is renowned for use in cold water baits as well as in summer ones, but remember to use both fructose concentrate and this together because each enhances the habit-forming internal impacts internal duration of each of their impacts!

One massive point to make is that using both the liquid form of an additive or ingredients alongside the liquid form really is a fantastic edge for cold water baits. If you can’t get these or the cost is prohibitive then why not use other forms of milks like Vitamealo or Lamlac

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Barclays Premier League 2011-12 Fixtures, Scores & Results for Week 1

The English Premier League fixtures schedule got started up on Saturday, August 13th, with Arsenal FC and Liverpool among the m88 asia teams in action!

. The rest of his kit, long sleeves, shorts, socks and boots, is white.

There will be more from the Barclays Premier League with two games taking place on Sunday, including the very popular Manchester United squad taking on West Bromwich Albion. Liverpool and Sunderland battled to a 1-1 tie, as did Wigan and Norwich. His shorts bear the number 32.”/>The Barclays Premier League scores reflect that there have been several games already decided. Bolton defeated QPR with a 4-0 outburst in today’s action, while Blackburn was able to hold off the Wolves by a final score of 2-1.

The first of the Barclays Premier League 2011-12 scores and results are in from today’s action. These early games could show which teams will be above the rest of the league as they get their season started!

That leaves just one game on today’s fixtures schedule, with Newcastle visiting Arsenal. This will certainly be an early indication of any flaws or weaknesses in Arsenal’s lineup.

A young black man stands on a pitch dressed in football kit. Monday night will feature Manchester City as they head to Swansea City to do battle on the soccer field. Currently, Arsenal is favored to win today's game at -185, although the point spread is a

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The World’s Most Popular Casino Game: Blackjack

 Each time that you spin and shoot, you have a 1 in 6 chance of firing the actual bullet.  Basic strategy refers to using knowledge of the statistical averages of the game to win more hands than lose.  Each time you spin, the outcome becomes random – the gun has no memory of what just happened.  It’s usually on the left-hand side of the table.  Unlike Roulette where numbers come up completely randomly and there is no ‘winning strategy’.

A standard 8 deck game contains 416 cards (52 cards in each deck without the Joker).  And in a manual shoe (which, by the way, are not used much anymore due to card counting), the dealer generally puts the cards, from each finished hand, away into the discard holder until the cut card reappears.  Instead there are electronic shufflers which constantly shuffle the cards (constantly spinning the gun chamber) so it is complete random – card counting = impossible.

Blackjack is the best hand you can get – it’s getting 21 on your first two cards.  3 to 2 means 1 and a half times the original m88 asia bet, so $10 wins $15, $30 wins $45, $75 wins $112.50.  You shoot the gun and it’s empty.  Jack + King is 20.  So when a card comes out, it is forevermore taken out of the shoe until a new shuffle.

What is Blackjack?

What is card counting?

How does card counting apply to Blackjack?

First off, the Blackjack version referred to below is the one that many people know, love and play – a dealer ‘no hole card’ game.  A shoe is just the name for the container that holds the cards and where the dealer pulls the cards from. it’s a lot of fun!

Unlike poker, suits and picture-card ranks mean nothing in this game (except if you’re playing on Perfect Pairs, which is a sidebet).  An Ace and a Picture card – Blackjack!  A + K, 10 + A, etc.  You can split pairs.  Mathematically speaking, there are 128 cards worth 10 in an 8 deck game.  Chances are the dealer will bust.  There is a lot to basic strategy which I will delve into in the coming days and link to from this article for your convenience.  For the dealer, the house always takes cards for their highest value, so an A and 9 is not ’10 or 20′ – it’s just 20.

What is the best hand?

The best way to explain card counting is the analogy of the game of russian roulette, where there is 1 bullet in a gun chamber that holds 6 shots.  For example, if you have 16 and the dealer has a picture, you should definitely take another card.  When 1 Ace comes out, there are now 31 Aces left.  It traditionally pays 3 to 2.  No difference.  So, you do not spin.  You can double down (one card only).  Chuck it on whatever number on Roulette, whatever side on Baccarat, roll the dice like you just don’t care on Craps.  King + 10 is 20.  The big question is:

The house or the casino’s edge is as little as 0.05%, if a player plays perfect basic strategy.  In America, the dealer gets his second card – face-down.

Blackjack is a game developed over a couple of centuries – Spain and France had the beginning ideas of it in about 1602 AD, in games that were about getting to 21, and bestowing the Ace with a value of 1 or 11.  Blackjack cannot be formed again if you split hands, but that is another story – not something to worry about today.  For now, give it a go – even at home with one deck.  Without spinning, shoot again, etc.  128 cards out of 416 – almost a third.  Now, I have no problem with going to the casino, taking a couple of hundred dollars and just not worrying about the outcomes.  However, Blackjack is the only casino game where there is a strategy – it is not just random.  Let’s pretend it’s being dealt with a manual shoe – that means the dealer shuffles the cards well, the cards are cut (generally the player inserts a cut card into the deck, at least 1.5 decks from either end and the dealer moves all the cards in front of the cut card to the back) and the cards are placed in a shoe.  Shoot again – no bullet.

What do the cards mean?

All About Blackjack

The Classic Casino Card Game

Blackjack is a game of statistics.  The Ace is worth 1 or 11.  Basic strategy gives the player very exact rules to follow in every situation in the game, in order to give them the best possible chance of winning.  Consider this: if you shot the gun, it was blank, but did not spin before you shot again.  You shot again, and it was blank.  Queen + Queen is 20.  You spin the chamber again.  However, if the dealer had a 5, and you had 16 – you would stay.  This is the version played in Europe, Asia and Australia – where every player with a bet in the box is dealt a face-up card, from left to right, and then the dealer, and then every player is dealt a second card.  If either player goes over 21, they ‘bust’ – which means they lose.

What is basic strategy?

What is the house’s edge in Blackjack?.  With or without live bets on the table …  That’s 1 shot down.  You shoot.  Anyway, fast forward to today, and it’s the most-played casino game in the world.  You spin the chamber, and so on and so forth.  So a 10 is worth 10, as is the Jack, Queen or King.  You don’t have to go into a gambling venue to enjoy the game at  That means that they will win 0.05% more than you do under basic strategy circumstances.  No bullet, again.  You could bust, but it gives you your best chance of winning if you draw.  The dealer does not get a second card – the house draws when all players have finished making their decision; therefore, what an individual player does directly affects the outcome for all players and the dealer.  Each time you shoot without spinning the chamber, there is a 1 in 6 chance, then a 1 in 5 chance, then a 1 in 4 chance until there is an extremely high chance at 1 in 3 or 1 in 2 that you will fire the bullet!  Bad game – I don’t recommend it.

Anyway, in those 8 decks, there are 32 Aces.  This is how card counting works – if you are very vigilant and have a good system (Hi-Lo is the most commonly known and used by the famous MIT groups) you can predict what the cards will be by keeping track of what cards have already come out.  Players try to make a hand (at least two cards, the value of which is added together) that is 21 or as close to 21 as possible – the dealer or ‘the house’ also draws cards to try to get to 21.  Another 3 come out – there are now 28 Aces.  2 is the lowest, then 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10/J/Q/K.  For the player, this means if they have A, 5 that is announced as ‘6 or 16′.  You can take a card, and another card, or not take any cards.  Needless to say, casinos do not like this, and for that reason manual shoes are not often used

The relationship between betting and lottery play.

The nature of substitution from the betting sector to lotto can therefore be revealed in greater and more reliable detail.

II. Controlling for the latter, our analysis revealed a degree of habit formation such that the amount staked on any 1 d reflected, at least for some products, the amount m88 asia bet the day before and on the same day the previous week. If no player wins this jackpot, the money is “rolled over” to the next draw. This is likely to have distorted their results.


We use BONUS in preference to a measure of price (the 1 pound entry fee minus the expected value of holding a ticket) because the amount of money rolled over from the previous draw is exogenous, whereas price would potentially be endogenous since, given the nature of the lotto game, expected value itself increases with the number of tickets sold (and therefore with the number of pounds attracted from betting). What costs and benefits are implied by offering lottery players better payouts? Will it damage the horse racing and breeding industries by drawing money away from wagering? Will it shift a significant volume of gambling from a “hard” form of gaming (betting) to a “soft” form (lotteries)? Does prohibiting access to low-cost wagering supplied via the Internet (as in the United States and France) protect the state lottery sector as well as domestic betting suppliers? These are the sorts of questions that require knowledge of whether and to what extent variation in value for money offered by lotteries induces reallocation of expenditure away from betting. Draws take place twice weekly, on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. (10) Adding rollover and Superdraw together gives greater precision in our estimates not only because of the greater number of “bonus” events but also because aggregation gives greater variation in the value of the BONUS variables. MODEL


SUR Betting Turnover Estimates

A recent comprehensive report on gambling for the European Union (Swiss Institute of Comparative Law 2006, pp. The data therefore sometimes recorded Sunday business, but sometimes there was no business to record. By implication, some of the loss in lottery sales since 2001 is likely to be attributable to the large change in the relative prices of the two products associated with reform of betting tax. Phone 0044-161-295-3674, Fax 0044-161-295-2130, E-mail

The National Lottery variables, WEDNESDAY BONUS and SATURDAY BONUS, reflect that the behavior of potential players may be influenced by any bonus money added to the jackpot both on the day of the draw (when tickets may be purchased up to 7.30 p.m.) and on the two preceding days. Purfield and Waldron (1999) found that rollovers of the Irish lotto raised both lotto sales and the volume of side betting (with a major Irish bookmaker) on which numbers were drawn. “Buying a Dream: Alternative Models of Demand for Lotto.” Economic Inquiry, 40, 2002, 485-96.

ADF: Augmented Dickey-Fuller

Thalheimer, R., and M. (6) If households reallocate their gambling portfolios according to variations in relative price, this makes bookmaking potentially vulnerable if takeout falls in the lotto game, depending of course on the degree of sensitivity to value for money. Summaries of spending diaries were available for each of 6,637 households, which comprised a rolling sample, with each household taking part for 2 wk. Numbers equation also contains six subperiod dummy

variables to control for the variety of numbers game regimes during the

sample period.

Betting and lotteries are very different products. The total amounts wagered were provided for betting on horse racing, dog racing, soccer matches, and numbers games. Although the unit root test for numbers only rejects the null of nonstationarity at 10%, we are inclined to accept stationarity. To establish a consistent lag structure, it was necessary to treat each week as having the same number of days. Waldron. A fifth sector, sports betting (excluding soccer) was not included in our model because its volume is small and very heterogeneous in terms of the sort of events covered. On the other hand, payouts corresponding to small lotto prizes are much more generous than in the official game as bookmaking is very lightly taxed compared with the UKNL.

[] refers to sales in sector i on date t. For example, a greater number of horse races shown on television lowered betting, presumably because potential bettors stayed at home. Such an effect was indeed detected, with a strongly significant negative coefficient, but only on Saturday and with a relatively low implied degree of cross elasticity.

We were supplied with over 5 yr of daily data on turnover in four forms of gambling offered by a major national but, for commercial reasons, anonymous British bookmaker. Access to a unique data set on betting with a prominent UK bookmaker permits us to offer an assessment.

Bank holiday soccer: dummy for a public holiday with a full English soccer programme.

UKNL: UK National Lottery

Big meeting: dummy for a day of one of the major Festival horse race meetings at Ascot, Goodwood, or Cheltenham.

Our results illustrate a certain willingness of players to reallocate their gambling budgets between the betting and the lottery as value for money changes from lottery draw to lottery draw. This is particularly true for bookmaker betting, where a much more favorable tax regime was introduced in 2001. Given this, horse bettors appear reluctant to forego wagers, whereas they appear less committed to the horses on Thursday.

The test statistics for our betting sectors, based on 12 lags without trend, were -3.74, -4.21, -6.22, and -2.62 for horses, dogs, soccer, and numbers, respectively, to be compared with a critical value of -2.86 at 5% significance and -2.57 at 10%. In the British version of the game, further variation in prize levels between draws occurs because the operator is permitted to reserve some revenue to fund occasional promotional “Superdraws” where extra money is added to the jackpot. Wednesday soccer and Wednesday lotto are clear substitutes.

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Bet Of The Day: Fulham v Bournemouth

ทางเข้า fun88 (It is exactly the same as betting on Fulham or Draw)

. They will definitely find it difficult to beat a Fulham side scrapping for survival and the return of captain Scott Parker could provoke a resurgence amongst Fulham’s performances.

As a result, our experts believe that Fulham have a massive opportunity to obtain even all 3 points at Craven Cottage. However, just to lower the risk, we bet on Fulham +0.5 Asian Handicap @1.925, bookie: Bet365.

Bet Of The Day: Fulham v Bournemouth 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote

Fulham and Bournemouth are at the opposite ends of the Championship table with Fulham just narrowly sitting above the drop zone and Bournemouth in with a shout of achieving automatic promotion to the Premier League.

However, lately Bournemouth have gone off the boil. In all competitions they have just won 1 game in their last 5 away fixtures. Their win against Wolves on Tuesday was their first win in 5 matches and Bournemouth ‘s current away form has been abysmal

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Swinging Singapore? You may be surprised

It’s safe. You just have to know where to look. Sixty years ago, Singapore was a shambles, brought to its knees by a viciously cruel Japanese occupation during which over 60,000 citizens were slaughtered and many more imprisoned in unimaginably savage conditions (Changi Prison is an eye-opening tourist draw). And the same can be said about the entire city-state. You can leave from the airport between flights and take a bus tour of the city and be back in time for your connection. And although it’s not nearly as bad as in China, there’s still some unnecessary censorship and Internet regulation in place (some of your favorite “adult” sites may not be readily accessible). Indian, Malay, Chinese and fusions of the above. And now with the Marina Bay Sands casino/shopping/entertainment complex, Singapore is looking a lot like Las Vegas these days. And, as you’ve probably heard, Singapore’s airport is the best in the world (if this is the first you’ve heard, trust me, it is). “Asia Lite.” “Disneyland with the death penalty.” A “fine” city. 5. Its Universal Studio has 14 rides and attractions.

That’s almost as many as the 15 you’ll find in L.A., and Singapore has attractions you won’t find at Universal Studios Hollywood. Speaking of jumping, it’s a great jumping off point for visiting Asia.

Home to several relatively new discount airlines (such as Air Asia and Tiger Air) you can fly from Changi Airport to anywhere in Asia for ridiculously little (not that you should just pop in for a few days and take off for other parts). It’s all about shopping and eating. Take a 30-minute ferry ride to some of the out islands and you’ll think you were in a tropical rain forest. The famous Hawker Centres (street food without the street) are carefully inspected and regulated by the government. Maybe you’ll have better luck.. OK, I giggled and screamed like a kid. And (hello Beijing and Hong Kong) your lungs won’t be filled with soot at the end of the day. Tour Little India on a Saturday night and you’ll be awed by the streets and sidewalks clogged with thousands of guest workers, imported from the sub-continent to build the city’s vast construction projects. Convicted criminals still get caned; there’s no trial by jury; a monolithic and, however well-meaning, authoritarian government never lets the citizenry forget that it knows best. The Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Zoo and the 150-year-old Botanic Gardens with their amazing display of orchids are some of my other favorites.

But dig deeper and you’ll see the real Singapore. There are even monorails leading to a theme park (an outpost of Universal Studios, not Disney).

8. As your landing card clearly states, “Death to drug traffickers in Singapore” — and they don’t take kindly even to casual use.

I’ve visited this most improbable of all Asian countries many times over the last 15 years, and each time it’s something different but never so much as on my last trip this January. But Singapore has seen worse.

9. I was in New York on September 11, 2001, and it was horrible. It, too, is the best in the world. Trouble is, the little beasts are insanely ticklish and I was only able to stand it for less than a minute. Best airport? Best airline? For a fly guy like me, that’s enough reason to go there.

Even without the headline, savvy travelers would already have guessed the country. Its great outdoors is pretty great.

Most people would never think of uber-urban Singapore as a haven for outdoorsy types, but there are actually some great gardens, parks and open spaces, many of which have appeared just recently, that are unique in Asia. Speaking of gardens, the next big Singapore attraction will be the Gardens by the Bay, a domed horticultural conservatory re-opening in June 2012 that will recreate a cool and dry Mediterranean climate with springtime flowers blooming year round. Oh, and how about some changing attitudes toward LGBT rights? Things are changing, but slowly.

Nanny state. 3, 2011: Tourists relax in an infinity pool on the roof of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel tower in Singapore. (AP)

George Hobica is a syndicated travel journalist and founder of the low-airfare listing site

1. You can get your feet nibbled by tiny fish.

And now for the one thing that really eats me. There are more restaurants and shops here per square mile than anywhere else–except maybe the Las Vegas Strip.

Multicultural Singapore has the widest variety of Asian cuisine in Asia. Fun!

7. Scores (hundreds?) of beautiful young women stood along well-lit streets waiting for customers. Probably the best hotel service in the world (well, excepting, perhaps, Bangkok).

If you care at all about good service when you’re not sleeping in your own bed, you’ll be pleased no matter where you sleep in Singapore. It’s well managed. On a Saturday night just before Chinese New Year a local acquaintance drove me past the city-state’s red light district. In fact, you are.

6. True, some things haven’t changed and let’s get it out of the way now, shall we. And there’s a good reason for that. And you can see anything worth seeing in a 3.9-day visit. (Six at last count.) And believe it or not, the nightlife scene is hopping. You can be naughty here!

Yes, it’s true, just don’t be too naughty. It could only be Singapore.

3. I’ve never done this, and frankly I think the tourist board is doing itself a disfavor by giving the impression that Singapore can be “done” in four hours, but I won’t tell them how to run their country.


Jan. It’s the lush foliage lining every roadway and street, manicured to within an inch of its life (I never see anyone trimming these plants and shrubs, maybe they do it at night?); the almost total absence of litter and crime; the carefully engineered public works; the endless array of shops and restaurants. Check out the famous Zouk nightclub or have an adult beverage at 1-Altitiude, an outdoor bar perched on the 63rd floor of a skyscraper with amazing 360-degree views. Think Times Square was racy back in the day? It was nothing as obvious as this and you won’t find it mentioned in the official tourist literature. You can see it all in 3.96 hours.

Just kidding! But Singapore’s Changi Airport sponsors a free four-hour “highlights” tour for transit passengers. Maybe it’s just me, but whereas I’d never consider visiting Beijing and Shanghai again (once was enough, thanks — bring your inhaler and oxygen supply if you’re going), I can never get enough of the Lion City.

4. Indulge your vices! You can gamble in glittering casinos (watch out Macau, the Marina Bay Sands has it all over you), ogle the aforementioned gorgeous Asian hookers (no, I don’t really recommend this but…) and Singapore has more (and better!) gay saunas than Puritanical New York City. Or in 3.9 hours.

So here are eight things I love about Singapore (and one thing that eats me about it — literally).

But here’s news: while the world was making fun, Singapore became an amalgam of an Asian Las Vegas with a bit of Manhattan, Sydney and Los Angeles thrown in. Oh, and let’s not forget that you’ll most likely be flying into Singapore on Singapore Airlines. If you can tolerate it, feel free to visit a “Fish Spa.” Here you place your feet in a shallow pool where hundreds of tiny fish (species: Garra Rufa) nibble your toes, ankles and soles, with supposed health and cosmetic benefits (exfoliation, blood circulation, etc.). Watch out Macau, Hong Kong and Dubai: Singapore, if it’s not already, will soon be Asia’s must-see destination. Like Disney World, it’s a mind bogglingly awesome accomplishment, but Disney’s achievement doesn’t even compare. They know that their bread is buttered by tourists in this considerable town, and they unfailingly succeed in pleasing. I’d argue that you could spend 3.96 weeks and not see it all. For more recreation, visit the Marina Bay Golf Course, arguably Asia’s best public links, or experience the G-Max Bungy Jump, which hurtles you almost 200 feet into the air at 125 mph. Singapore is aiming to be Asia’s must-do destination, and, knowing Singaporeans as I do, I wouldn’t want to bet against that happening.

2. You can walk in air-conditioned comfort from mall to casino to mall and although there are only two casinos so far, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more coming.

That said, I have to admit that the first time I visited back in the 1980s, I was indeed glibly reminded of a theme park, and I won’t blame you for thinking the same thing on your first visit. You can find these operations in malls and even at the airport. But what’s wrong with Disney World? Singapore is clean. The one vice you should studiously avoid: drugs. It reminds me of Disney World.

OK, it’s true. Already the average tourist visit has increased to 3.96 days in 2010 (it’s probably over four days now), from 3.19 days in 2001. There’s just more to see and do. I don’t know how they do it — are there world class hotel schools hidden somewhere off stage? — but I am easily offended by indifferent hotel employees and have always been amazed by the staff at the places I’ve stayed in Singapore (shout outs to the Intercontinental, the Four Seasons, the Shangri La, the Mandarin Oriental, even the Crowne Plaza at the airport, perhaps the best airport hotel I’ve ever encountered)

Research and Markets: The Global Business of Online Sports Betting: A Market Assessment and Outlook 2010 Provides Case Studies of the Major Online Sportsbook Operators and Suppliers


companies are indeed getting in on the act by increasingly offering

mobile websites and smartphone applications. With experienced and knowledgeable online

gambling operators constructing suitable markets, responding to

sports-based information and consumer investments, this can prove to be

a profitable product, albeit within tight margins. Add to that the

growth in social media, smartphone apps and microtransactions and times

that by the growing number of people globally with broadband connections

and wireless access, the future certainly looks rosy for online

sportsbooks. The internet teems with sports information

services, sports betting guides, score lines, and fixture lists that are

in the public domain. Furthermore, blogs, chats and forums have

proliferated that are devoted to sports, offering sports betting

predictions and tips and even odds comparison tools. In terms of new

technology, the anytime, anyplace, anywhere’ convenient culture of

mobile phones, combined with their status as a trusted device makes them

ideally placed for offering betting services to customers. Furthermore,

brands from other media or industries are increasingly being leveraged

to appeal to these types of customers effectively. It provides case studies of the major online sportsbook

operators and suppliers and analyses them to determine their business

models and revenue streams as well as who the winners and losers will be.

Companies Mentioned:

For more information visit

About the Author


Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Customer Acquisition and Retention

Chapter 3: Mobile Betting

Chapter 4: Online Sports Betting Market Overviews – Western and

Northern Europe

Chapter 5: Online Sports Betting Market Overviews – Central, Eastern

and Southern Europe

Chapter 6: Online Sports Betting Market Overviews – North America

Chapter 7: Online Sports Betting Market Overviews – Latin America

Chapter 8: Online Sports Betting Market Overviews – Asia-Pacific

Chapter 9: Online Sports Betting Market Overviews – Africa

Chapter 10: Sports Betting Data and Software Suppliers

Chapter 11 – Online Sportsbook Operators

Chapter 12 – Exchange Betting Operators

Chapter 13: Outlook for Online Sports Betting

. Understanding the demographics and motivations

of sports bettors can greatly enhance the effectiveness of product

development strategies and customer retention initiatives. In essence, each online

sportsbook operator is looking to participate in a sector becoming more

socially acceptable and entertainment-based, benefiting from a

liberalized regulatory structure in some markets, and enjoying growth

across many key demographics including those that have been hard to

reach through other types of gaming such as women. Online Sports

Betting: A Market Assessment and Outlook’ reveals that both

personalization and localization of services are now high on the agenda

of many gaming operators. Not only are more

people able to wager on sports through the internet than ever before,

but the amount of information available freely online increases the

chances of making bets strategically in a way that has never been

possible previously. Online Sports Betting: A Market Assessment and Outlook’

examines the main issues surrounding the growing online sportsbook

industry including betting market overviews by region; areas of

opportunity; factors affecting growth in the industry; the mobile

revolution and how it is affecting sports betting offerings; marketing

strategies of online sportsbooks; regulatory issues and demographics of



Opta Sportsdata







William Hill



Key Topics Covered:

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Research and Markets (

has announced the addition of the “The

Global Business of Online Sports Betting: A Market Assessment and Outlook”

report to their offering.

Sports betting has remained a popular pastime of sports fans everywhere,

even despite the prolonged recent economic downturn. It is no surprise therefore that betting on

sporting events appeals greatly to consumers and is therefore a product

that is in high demand. It means that all

the information necessary for well-informed betting decisions is at the

reach of players’ hands

From Tidal to 22 Days Nutrition, Jay Z and Beyonc Are Facing a Fierce Branding Backlash

He was embarking on a savvy spurt of new business ventures, including the sports management agency Roc Nation Sports and the acquisition of uber-luxe champagne brand Armand de Brignac.

But now, the duo’s entrepreneurial streak seems to have struck a sour chord. If the concept of multimillionaires sermonizing about how to eat healthfully or how to purchase music has inspired seething backlash on the part of consumers, it hasn’t stopped tone-deaf stars from hurling their hats into the entrepreneurial ring..

Beyond a mere letdown, however, the move seems to call into question the misguided nature of the venture itself. Late last month, Tidal drifted to No. And Beyoncé, worth an estimated $250 million, is poised to launch an athleisure line with Topshop later this fall.

One fan was even quick to post photographic evidence of the starlet chomping on a burger.

As music’s first couple, she was riding high off the success of a surprise visual album that defied timeworn marketing norms. The fact that Beyoncé is not a vegan and has reportedly had limited involvement in the creation of 22 Days Nutrition — a company being spearheaded by her trainer and life coach, Marco Borges — has struck a nerve with skeptical fans.

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Granted, at the end of the day, Jay Z is at the helm of an expansive empire worth $550 million — including Roc-A-Fella records, the Rocawear clothing line and a chain of 40/40 nightclubs. 9 on the iTunes list of top-grossing music apps, right after Slacker Radio.

In recent years, it has seemed as if Jay Z and Beyoncé could do no wrong.

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It’s the same skepticism that has plagued other would-be lifestyle gurus, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Blake Lively, and it’s the same skepticism that has turned Tidal, Jay Z’s three-month-old streaming service, into an all-out disaster. Yesterday, in the latest instance of branding backlash, Good Morning America teased that Beyoncé had an “amazing” announcement to share. When that news turned out not to be an album but a pre-recorded monologue about a plant-based diet that the starlet occasionally favors — a barely-veiled shill for her forthcoming meal-delivery company — the Beyhive started swarming in furor.

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Nevertheless, the couple’s recent missteps would seem to indicate that a healthy helping of humility is crucial in the entrepreneurial realm — especially when you’re the queen bee.

After purchasing Tidal for $56 million last March, Jay Z unveiled the service at a bizarre launch event at a New York City post office, during which top-selling artists quoted Nietzsche and bemoaned the financial injustices of the music business

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Hong Kong For Beginners by Ramon van Meer

Summer season can be really humid and hot in Hong Kong.

The majority of Hong Kong’s budget hotel choices can be found along Nathan Road, where some high-raised buildings house youth hostels and guesthouses run by nearby families. While a fair enough statement, that still does not do Hong Kong justice, with its myriad of various cultures and lifestyles and cuisines.

Just what to eat

It’s ideal to carry light and portable garments that breathes and is relaxing for a day of jogging. Most of the time, it is achievable to pay for almost any amount for a hotel room or hostel bed in Hong Kong, based on your funds.

Getting to the city is quick, too, with a lot of cheap flights to Hong Kong from most major world cities, including Europe and North America.

What to see

When talking about Hong Kong to pals that have not been there, I always state that it is like London plonked down in the middle of Asia. With these 2 tools at your disposal, you can certainly see literally all of Hong Kong. When you plan to travel during the winter, ensure that you bring at least a light jacket or coat in case of a cold spell.

Getting Around

You may possibly also desire to test Hong Kong’s vivid horse racing tradition. From the boutiques in Soho to the upmarket foreign brand merchants and multi-level department stores in Causeway Bay or perhaps the funky local markets on the Kowloon side of the city, you can more or less discover nearly anything you happen to be after – in most cases at a great price!

There are 2 effortless transport possibilities in Hong Kong: the Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway (MTR) and your own 2 feet. The very best time of year to go to Hong Kong is throughout the autumn, winter and spring while the temperatures are most liveable. Your best bet is to catch one of the city’s old street trolleys to Happy Valley

Hong Kong is also a shopper’s paradise. Hong Kong is one of the world’s true global metropolises – a kind of Gotham City for Asia where pretty much everything you need – be it American donuts or Australian Shiraz – is actually obtainable.

There is only one thing much better than shopping in Hong Kong, and that is eating. From small noodle joints to upscale French restaurant, you’ll locate all sorts of restaurant, eating hall and snack stall on earth in Hong Kong. When you first arrive, you may certainly desire to pick up an Octopus Card, the city’s mass transit refill card which allows you to swipe onto any of the public transport alternatives in Hong Kong, which includes buses and trains. Or London with lots and lots and lots of Chinese folks. On Hong Kong Island, especially in Soho and Central, there are many trendy international restaurants for discerning food lovers.

In Hong Kong’s fashionable Soho area, a series of small avenues stacked upon each other bursting with adorable stores, small dining establishments along with attractive buildings, you might also want to take a ride on the world’s longest escalator, Central-Mid-Levels-Escalator.

What to see in Hong Kong would depend largely on your passions. The very first stop for most visitors is a trip up Victoria Peak Tram, a historic funicular railway that carries people on a near-vertical ascent up to Victoria Peak, the highest point in the city overlooking Hong Kong’s amazing skyline.

When to go and exactly what to pack

Upscale choices range from major international hotel brands to local boutique hotels. Hong Kong’s weather is virtually always moderate, and can get quite hot and humid throughout the summer. The Kowloon peninsula, specifically the Mong Kok neighborhood, is a destination for local Hong Kong restaurants and snack stalls offering a variety of strange and crazy bites to eat. When booking these kinds of accommodations, make certain you receive confirmation of your bed and be sure to check out the facilities before you pay, mainly because some are fairly grotty.

Hong Kong is really one of the world’s excellent cities. Regardless of whether on your 1st visit or your 10th, you can undoubtedly be impressed and astounded through the city’s pulsing existence, hurried pace and frenzy of distinct lifestyles. This is much like the Oyster Card in London.

Racecourse, where you can certainly watch young horses race on grass under the dim sparkle of tall skyscrapers.

Hong Kong also offers an array of significant museums, or if you’re seeking something a bit more spiritual, you might consider the intense journey up to the 10,000 Buddhas Monastery in Sha Tin, where by countless stairs lead you past hundreds of golden buddha statues to a hilltop monastery.

Where to stay

Obama proposes shifting funds from nuclear nonproliferation to nuclear weapons | The Center for Public Integrity

Tim Scott (R.-S.C.) about whether he supports completing the MOX plant. At the end of it, a $250 million DOE “nuclear counterterrorism incident response” program previously considered a weapons activity was shifted to the nonproliferation budget account, a change that has the effect of making the bottom line for that account look better than it otherwise would have.

Specifically, officials said, the Energy Department determined in consultation with the Pentagon that it would likely need $10 billion in new funds to fulfill all of its promises to the military for the production of modernized warheads, over the next decade alone.

Tom Collina, research director for the Arms Control Association, a Washington-based nonprofit group, said “in a way,” it seems inconsistent for the administration to promote arms control while cutting the DOE’s nonproliferation budget. A Pentagon spokeswoman, Jennifer D. The study determined that the modernization program was underfunded, and steps have been taken to ensure adequate funding for essential modernization needs moving forward.”

Much of the reduction in nonproliferation spending — around $183 million — would come from a controversial plant designed to transform excess plutonium from the U.S. Only one category of Energy Department nonproliferation work would be increased — research and development, mostly to finance work on a new nuclear detonation sensor to be placed about Air Force satellites.

But several officials and other sources familiar with the administration’s budget deliberations this year said the DOE nuclear weapons-related cost overruns and the new austerity climate gripping Washington – including the demand under so-called “sequestration” legislation for $54 billion in national security spending cuts each year until 2021 -had upended the administration’s plans to spend more on nonproliferation.

To cover the $10 billion total cost overrun, the Energy Department and its National Nuclear Security Administration agreed to transfer roughly $3 billion into weapons work from management accounts and other internal savings. “I will certainly look into this with high priority” if confirmed, he told Scott.

The department also needs more funds than anticipated for improvements to the W76 warhead, which is carried by Trident submarine-based missiles.

Under the 2014 proposal, the Energy Department’s nuclear weapons activities funding — which includes modernization efforts for bomber-based and missile-based warheads — would be increased roughly 7 percent, or around $500 million, above the current level of $7.227 billion for these activities.

The Energy Department needs at least $3 billion to $5 billion more to upgrade the B61 nuclear bomb — meant for deployment aboard strategic and tactical aircraft — than it initially expected, and several billions of dollars more to cover cost overruns in construction of the uranium processing facility. because our national security depends on it.”

Secretary of Energy nominee Ernest Moniz, speaking at a Senate confirmation hearing Tuesday, ducked multiple questions from Sen. That plant was initially budgeted at $1.8 billion, but the pricetag has ballooned to at least $7.5 billion, provoking widespread criticism and allegations of mismanagement.

The new weapons-related spending would expand efforts to upgrade the W76, W88, W78, and B-61 warheads, and help fund construction of a new facility in Tennessee for processing uranium, a nuclear explosive used in these and other warheads. The officials have also decided to discuss a potential agreement for such reductions with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

As recently as December 3, President Obama described the government’s nuclear nonproliferation efforts — including some directed by the Defense Department — as “one of our most important national security programs.” Speaking at the National Defense University, Obama said the effort was “nowhere near done. That would include a 16 percent cut in spending on efforts to halt the use of fissile material in civilian nuclear reactors and collect or secure weapons-usable fissile materials in other countries; an 8 percent cut in spending on policy to control the spread of nuclear weapons-related technologies; and a 36 percent cut in efforts to monitor potential illicit commerce in fissile materials.

The Center for Public Integrity has previously reported administration officials had agreed that the number of nuclear warheads the U.S. These programs have experienced billions of dollars in cost overruns in recent years, forcing the administration to look elsewhere in the DOE budget to find the money it needs to keep them alive.. programs for securing, reducing and eliminating weapons usable nuclear materials are a critical part of our strategy for combating nuclear terrorism and preventing the proliferation of these deadly dangerous materials…A decision to significantly cut these programs, including our near-term ability to dispose of excess plutonium, would be a setback to our ability to reach critical security goals.”

Moniz, in his confirmation hearing, tread carefully around the topic of what the department should be spending on nonproliferation. But he said officials may have calculated that they cannot win congressional support for further cuts in nuclear arsenals with Russia without spending billions more to refurbish America’s remaining stockpile of nuclear weapons, under a bargain Obama struck during his first term.

Asked for comment, NNSA spokesman Robert Middaugh said he could not respond until the budget has been formally released. Its construction would be greatly slowed, while the Defense Department and the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration study alternative ways to safeguard tons of the excess plutonium.

But then-Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, after hearing from aides that these overruns were due in part to poor management and inaccurate cost accounting at DOE, initially said the department would not provide any new funds to DOE, on top of the $4.5 billion it previously promised to cover earlier overruns, according to two government officials privy to the deliberations.

The plant is about 60 percent completed, but one senior administration official called it “managerially and programmatically, a nightmare,” with continuously rising costs.

The priority shift “is going to be a disaster,” said a Democratic congressional aide, who asked not to be identified because he was not authorized to speak on the budget before its official release. Sam Nunn, said “the U.S. “If confirmed, I intend to make sure that [DOE laboratories and intelligence experts] … continue to sustain the nation’s nuclear security,” he said, without delving into budgetary issues or specific programs.

Under the Obama administration’s proposal for fiscal year 2014, spending for the MOX plant would be around $330 million, or 47 percent of the budget it was supposed to get next year. “These cuts are going to be huge,” and will be particularly problematic amid budget boosts for weapons programs that many lawmakers believe “have been mismanaged for the last five to six years.”

The Obama administration will propose a deep cut in funding for nuclear nonproliferation programs at the Energy Department largely so it can boost the department’s spending to modernize its stockpile of nuclear weapons, according to government officials familiar with the proposed 2014 federal budget to be unveiled Wednesday, April 10.

The half-billion-dollar shift in spending priorities reflects an administration decision that nuclear explosives work the Energy Department performs for the military should be both accelerated and expanded. military deploys could be cut by at least a third, below a limit of 1550 established in a treaty with Russia in 2010. It then asked the Pentagon to provide the additional $7 billion.

Joan Rohlfing, president of the Nuclear Threat Initiative, a nonprofit arms control group founded by Ted Turner and former Sen. nuclear weapons arsenal into fuel for reactors that generate electricity, known as the Mixed-Oxide (MOX) fuel fabrication plant in Savannah River, S.C. But Democrats on Capitol Hill and independent arms control groups predicted the decision will provoke controversy and a substantial budget fight this year.

In the end, the Pentagon was cajoled into contributing $3 billion more. Elzea, declined to address the issue in detail but confirmed that “over the past year DOD and DOE carried out a joint study regarding DOD’s nuclear weapons requirements and funding options for those requirements. But that still left a $4 billion gap between DOE’s nuclear weapons-related promises to the military and its ability to complete that work, forcing a scramble during the department’s budget deliberations to cut from other programs, officials said.

Under the Obama proposal, the budget for other DOE work related to nuclear nonproliferation would also be curtailed by about $277 million. (Work on the facility and its equipment was well along when DOE abruptly realized it would not be large enough to accommodate needed machinery, forcing a costly redesign and lengthy delays.)

The department’s nonproliferation programs, aimed at diminishing the security threat posed by fissile materials in other countries that can be used for nuclear weapons, would be cut by roughly 20 percent, or $460 million, below the current level of $2.45 billion, the officials said.

One, who asked not to be named, said the DOE shortfall had set off “months of wrangling” about the issue, not only within the department but at the highest levels of the administration. Not by a long shot.” He also proudly said the government has been “increasing funding, and sustaining it ..

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America has 10 times the murder rate. Poor people there have no access to healthcare, they are just left to die. While in Britain, everyone, no mater how poor has access to free healthcare. while in Britain police don’t even have guns.

We in Britain take care of the working class and the disabled people.

I’m thankful I live in England.

There are no laws in America stopping racist and homophobic hate speech.

It is common for unarmed people to be shot by police in America. If there are any good people there I can’t for the life of me think why any of them would want to live in such a place, why not come to Britain?

. I think America is a country of complete lunatics and evil people who couldn’t care less about the poor people.

In America no one takes care of the poor like they do here, which is why the homeless rate there is so high, where as in Britain we give them free government housing and money to live on.

In America no one takes care of the poor like they do here, which is why the homeless rate there is so high, where as in Britain we give them free government housing and money to live on….

show more

I’m from Britain and here barely anyone has guns. But in America it is very common. America has 10 times the murder rate. But in America it is very common.

Why is America such a backwards society compared to Britain?

I’m from Britain and here barely anyone has guns

The cost of military domination

It also notes that Congress has no accurate measure of the actual current spending on nuclear programs.

When planes, bombs, missiles, crew, fuel, and supplies are added, the cost becomes unimaginably high. Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies is simply titled “The Trillion Dollar Nuclear Triad,” pointing to its estimate that $1 trillion will be spent on nuclear systems by the US in the next 30 years. The B-2 has an ongoing annual cost of $300-$400 million for the last five years. Despite this, the overall military budget has not mirrored the drop as more money has been plowed into the incredibly expensive, high-tech weapons systems of the Navy and Air Force.

Yet the F-35 is just one of many programs with equally staggering costs. Replacing every single locomotive of Amtrak would cost less than operating one aircraft carrier for one year.

The proposed $613 billion in funding is more than eight times larger than the federal education budget. Including all of these costs, each of the 57 planes requested will cost $193 million.

The terrifying destructive potential of the US military, whether conventional or nuclear weapons, is a very profitable business. Given the provocative nature of the US’s activity in Ukraine, Eastern Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region, the possibility of any escalation is an absolutely harrowing prospect.

The purchase cost of military systems is really just a fraction of their ultimate cost. In the 2016 procurement budget, over twelve separate drone, plane, and helicopter programs each have budgets of $1-3 billion dollars. The Army’s costs have the largest connection to personnel, operations, and construction, and as US troop levels have been drawn down in Iraq and Afghanistan the Army’s share of funding has dropped significantly. Research, Development, Test Engineering (RDTE) received $62 billion, while construction and other assorted items took up the rest of the budget.

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Aircraft carriers are just one aspect of several multi-billion-dollar ship programs. In 2016, the White House is requesting $11 billion in funding for another year of research, development, and procurement. This includes a whopping 78 percent share of the global aerial refueling tanker fleet, the means by which combat aircraft can extend their flight range, allowing the US to more easily bomb anywhere in the world.

The officially budgeted military spending of the United States in 2014 was $610 billion, nearly 35 percent of global military spending and greater than the combined spending of China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, France, the UK, India and Germany.



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Jeff Lusanne

8 May 2015

A largely hidden, yet massive, military cost is the operation, maintenance and replacement of the so-called “Nuclear Triad.” This is the system of nuclear warheads ready for deployment on long range bombers, submarines, and land-based installations, and each of the three elements are up for replacement during the 2020s.

The US military, across all its branches, has 13,900 planes. The F-22 Raptor, the military’s latest air superiority fighter, is consuming upwards of $500 million per year just for upgrades and modifications. With these items, the annual amount is closer to $1 trillion.


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Every passing year in America brings news of cutbacks to essential social programs, from food stamps and home heating assistance to research and infrastructure. In September, when the US began bombing ISIS in Iraq and Syria, the stocks of four of the five largest weapons makers–Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, General Dynamics and Raytheon–soared to all time highs.

Operating a carrier strike group has an estimated daily cost of $6.5 million, which is the cost of a new high-speed passenger rail locomotive. Each aircraft would carry millions of dollars worth of bombs and missiles. The city has announced plans to shut off water service to more than 20,000 households to collect a debt that amounts to about one-eighth the cost of one such aircraft.


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. What is never questioned in the political establishment is how a country with crumbling bridges and mass poverty can afford to spend hundreds of billions of dollars each year on the military.

This vast fleet of aircraft includes some of the most expensive weapons ever created, and current weapons programs that will cost even more. The entire commercial aircraft fleet in America–including all the major airlines and freight carriers like FedEx and UPS–is less than half that amount, at 6,788 aircraft.

The largest portion of the defense budget goes towards operations and maintenance of the military’s vast inventory of weapons and equipment. The most recent cost estimate of the notoriously failure-prone F-35 fighter-bomber is $400 billion for procurement of 2,400 planes, while the lifetime operational cost will be $1 trillion.


Between 2000 and 2006, the US Department of Defense budget rose from $300 billion to over $530 billion, and it continues at those levels, despite the sequester federal budget cuts. Tomahawk cruise missiles, the notorious weapon of choice for the “shock and awe” bombardment of Iraq in 2003, now cost $2.1 million each. Five E2-D Hawkeye command and control aircraft are requested for fiscal year 2016 at a cost of $263 million each. Ford-class carrier was launched in 2015 and cost $12.8 billion.



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Thus, each Ohio class submarine carries nearly 200 nuclear warheads that can simultaneously attack every major city of an entire region of the world–from just one submarine. The carrier can hold up to 90 aircraft, but even just 40 F-35Cs would represent $13.4 billion dollars, more than the already gargantuan cost of the carrier itself. In the first three days of the 2011 assault on Libya, at least 161 such missiles were fired; in present-day prices that would cost $338 million, the same cost as the 2,800-foot long six-lane Stan Musial Veteran’s Memorial Bridge across the Mississippi River that recently opened.

Real annual military spending by the United States is even higher, once nuclear weapons funding, interest payments on foreign wars, and the cost of veteran care is included. The Ford-class carrier is meant to feature the F-35C, which is the most expensive variant of the plane, at an estimated $337 million each. For 2016, the President has proposed a total spending amount of $613 billion that would put Pentagon spending higher than any point during the presidency of Ronald Reagan.

The destructive power of these nuclear forces is almost incomprehensible and greater than anything the world has ever known. Dozens of other planes require tens or hundreds of millions annually.


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Within the president’s proposed Pentagon budget for fiscal year 2016 there is a proposed 12 percent increase in procurement and RDTE spending to $177 billion, and much of it goes towards big-budget weapons programs designed to maintain total global military dominance.

In 2001, the per-plane estimated cost was $81 million, and the costs continue to rise as the plane is now seven years past its anticipated service date. Adding the 2014 and 2015 budgets, nearly $4 billion has been spent for just 15 of these aircraft.


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Compared to other militaries worldwide, the US operates more planes in every type of category (combat, transport, helicopter, training, etc.) than any other nation. The US Navy is constructing replacements of their fleet; the first Gerald R. A January 2014 report from the James R. Amtrak, the national passenger rail system, only has a total of 355 locomotives to haul passengers across the entire country, nearly all of which are over 20 years old and in need of rebuilding or replacement. The category of Military Personnel received $142.9 billion, while procurement–new equipment–received $99.5 billion. Already in 2015, research on these replacements is consuming billions per year, before designs have even been finalized and contracts secured. At current rates, military and intelligence spending between 2015-2020 will exceed $4 trillion.


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The deficit of the City of Detroit, which was the nominal cause for the city’s bankruptcy and the gutting of city workers’ pensions, was $327 million in 2013–less than the cost of one Navy F-35C. In the FY2016 proposal, another $22 billion would go towards the construction of submarines, destroyers, littoral combat ships, and a fuel tanker. The total cost of all the items on the ship is therefore only comparable to entire federal budget items like science, which has a proposed budget of $31 billion for 2016.

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Yet nothing costs more money than an aircraft carrier, and the Navy has 10 of them in operation. Russia, China and France each field just one. The 14 current Ohio-class submarines in the Navy’s fleet each contain up to 24 nuclear-armed Trident II ballistic missiles. Each missile has a range of over 5,000 nautical miles and upon reentry into the earth’s atmosphere can release eight W88 “multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles.” Each W88 can travel to a separate target and yield a blast more powerful than the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The White House is requesting $1.7 billion in 2016 for research and development on what is likely the next aircraft boondoggle, the Long Range Strike Bomber (LRS-B.) This new, undisclosed “high tech, long range” bomber will replace the B-52, which has rained down death across the world for over 60 years; the B-1; and the B-2, the most expensive aircraft in history at $2 billion per plane. The public is told there is no choice because “there is no money” for such programs. Northrup Grumman made the B-2 and is in fierce competition for the lucrative LRS-B contract.

Between the branches of the armed forces, 2014 funding was relatively equal: the Army received $167.4 billion, the Navy (including the Marines), $162.1 billion and the Air Force, $144.3 billion. It is over 22 times the amount proposed in the discretionary budget for transportation, $27.4 billion, even as the American Society of Civil Engineers rates the state of US infrastructure as a “D,” requiring trillions of dollars in repairs