Sports :: How To Make Carp Boilies And Fishing Paste Baits Using Pineapple Flavours And Butyric Acid!

12bet สํารอง This is a mixture of really seriously potent natural foods absolutely packed with feeding triggers and attractor substances that carp, and also other fish such as barbel and chub are extremely sensitive to!

Personally I avoid using any heated baits at all in cold water wherever possible. I say much more about this on CC Moore TV each month as a consultant describing how and why to use a massive diversity of various substances to trigger feeding in many potent ways and also gain incredible competitive edges over competing baits!

Cyprivit is an often over looked additive but it really enhances palatability and so boosts repetitive feeding, and the B vitamins in it really boost fish energy levels so improves your chances of getting more bites and more fish in the cold!

Other addictives that I would recommend include enzyme treated yeast powder and yeast powder (probiotic) and of course soluble fish protein and green lipped mussel extract. These really make such an incredible difference to results and impacts on fish senses believe me!

So you are looking to produce some incredibly effective economical paste baits, or boilies or pellets for this winter and spring? Pineapple is so popular but these extremely potent homemade baits described here are so different! These ideas and recipes will really prove their worth even as free baits or paste wraps around your favourite readymade boilies etc; so read on now!

Boilies really are not needed most of the time but I do not use baits because I want all the nutritional stimulation and attraction in my baits to be fully intact and leak off as efficiently as possible to seriously hit the fish right between the eyes! To most maximize cold water baits using the above ingredients and additives takes further understanding and secrets that make them incredibly habit forming over and above normal baits, and that is really where the biggest success is discovered! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

You really need to offer fish highly soluble ingredients and additives in very easily dispersed forms for fishing baits used in cold waters of the late autumn, winter and spring. Very usually additives and ingredients that are highly soluble also happen to be very much more easily digested by carp and other fish, and also really effectively disperse in the water column to form highly potent concentration gradients that fish can easily detect and home in onto in order to find your hook baits! Better than this though is that such fish will be excited to a massive degree before they reach your bait, thus making them much easier to catch as they drop their natural caution to a higher degree!

Ok I said this bait is about pineapple, well how about using the unique pineapple and butyric acid flavour custom designed by a leading house for CW Baits; it is really dominating waters now! Simply mix whatever ingredients and additives you wish to use into paste (you do not even need to use eggs,) maybe just Liquid Super Slop from CC Moore. This might mean recasting more often but it is very surprising that most pastes can be made to last intact for at least 6 hours and I have made homemade paste that lasts at least in terms of the main matrix of the bait as long as 23 hours plus (without using any egg!)

CC Moore Ultrasweet is an intense sweetener. I would get some CC Moore Super Slop in the course, and in the liquid forms. Few anglers use squid powder to alter characteristics of their sweet pineapple baits so try it! It might sound strange to use it alongside CSL (corn steep liquor) powder for instance or raw molasses but do it and see what occurs; I will not cover the nutritional secrets of why this is here but later in this article you will see where to find these secrets out OK!

The first step is to get some calcium caseinate and whey protein concentrate or lactalbumin and casein of varied forms. I might add some extra ingredients such as garlic powder, blue cheese powder rich in butyric acid and attractive salts and soluble proteins etc also. Think about it; doing this produces a double whammy effect of fast leak off of stimulation plus a slow but intense leak off that really lasts, both pulling fish in excited states and modes of behaviours to your hook baits! Look into this factor as much as possible and you really will reap big rewards as a result!

For paste using the above kinds of ingredients and additives you will have extremely potent paste, just add your pineapple flavour and away you go. Next get some fructose powder and lactose, maybe some vanilla extract meal and wheatgerm, Belachan or fermented shrimp powder from CC Moore, plus some betaine from them or the really effective betaine HCL from CW Baits. For a twist, why not mix up some high PC liquid lecithin from CW Baits with clove or cinnamon essential oil, and add this to you pineapple flavour!. I would certainly add Feedstim XP (In powder form), and hydrolysed poultry protein. This is renowned for use in cold water baits as well as in summer ones, but remember to use both fructose concentrate and this together because each enhances the habit-forming internal impacts internal duration of each of their impacts!

One massive point to make is that using both the liquid form of an additive or ingredients alongside the liquid form really is a fantastic edge for cold water baits. If you can’t get these or the cost is prohibitive then why not use other forms of milks like Vitamealo or Lamlac

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Barclays Premier League 2011-12 Fixtures, Scores & Results for Week 1

The English Premier League fixtures schedule got started up on Saturday, August 13th, with Arsenal FC and Liverpool among the m88 asia teams in action!

. The rest of his kit, long sleeves, shorts, socks and boots, is white.

There will be more from the Barclays Premier League with two games taking place on Sunday, including the very popular Manchester United squad taking on West Bromwich Albion. Liverpool and Sunderland battled to a 1-1 tie, as did Wigan and Norwich. His shorts bear the number 32.”/>The Barclays Premier League scores reflect that there have been several games already decided. Bolton defeated QPR with a 4-0 outburst in today’s action, while Blackburn was able to hold off the Wolves by a final score of 2-1.

The first of the Barclays Premier League 2011-12 scores and results are in from today’s action. These early games could show which teams will be above the rest of the league as they get their season started!

That leaves just one game on today’s fixtures schedule, with Newcastle visiting Arsenal. This will certainly be an early indication of any flaws or weaknesses in Arsenal’s lineup.

A young black man stands on a pitch dressed in football kit. Monday night will feature Manchester City as they head to Swansea City to do battle on the soccer field. Currently, Arsenal is favored to win today's game at -185, although the point spread is a

The World’s Most Popular Casino Game: Blackjack

 Each time that you spin and shoot, you have a 1 in 6 chance of firing the actual bullet.  Basic strategy refers to using knowledge of the statistical averages of the game to win more hands than lose.  Each time you spin, the outcome becomes random – the gun has no memory of what just happened.  It’s usually on the left-hand side of the table.  Unlike Roulette where numbers come up completely randomly and there is no ‘winning strategy’.

A standard 8 deck game contains 416 cards (52 cards in each deck without the Joker).  And in a manual shoe (which, by the way, are not used much anymore due to card counting), the dealer generally puts the cards, from each finished hand, away into the discard holder until the cut card reappears.  Instead there are electronic shufflers which constantly shuffle the cards (constantly spinning the gun chamber) so it is complete random – card counting = impossible.

Blackjack is the best hand you can get – it’s getting 21 on your first two cards.  3 to 2 means 1 and a half times the original m88 asia bet, so $10 wins $15, $30 wins $45, $75 wins $112.50.  You shoot the gun and it’s empty.  Jack + King is 20.  So when a card comes out, it is forevermore taken out of the shoe until a new shuffle.

What is Blackjack?

What is card counting?

How does card counting apply to Blackjack?

First off, the Blackjack version referred to below is the one that many people know, love and play – a dealer ‘no hole card’ game.  A shoe is just the name for the container that holds the cards and where the dealer pulls the cards from. it’s a lot of fun!

Unlike poker, suits and picture-card ranks mean nothing in this game (except if you’re playing on Perfect Pairs, which is a sidebet).  An Ace and a Picture card – Blackjack!  A + K, 10 + A, etc.  You can split pairs.  Mathematically speaking, there are 128 cards worth 10 in an 8 deck game.  Chances are the dealer will bust.  There is a lot to basic strategy which I will delve into in the coming days and link to from this article for your convenience.  For the dealer, the house always takes cards for their highest value, so an A and 9 is not ’10 or 20′ – it’s just 20.

What is the best hand?

The best way to explain card counting is the analogy of the game of russian roulette, where there is 1 bullet in a gun chamber that holds 6 shots.  For example, if you have 16 and the dealer has a picture, you should definitely take another card.  When 1 Ace comes out, there are now 31 Aces left.  It traditionally pays 3 to 2.  No difference.  So, you do not spin.  You can double down (one card only).  Chuck it on whatever number on Roulette, whatever side on Baccarat, roll the dice like you just don’t care on Craps.  King + 10 is 20.  The big question is:

The house or the casino’s edge is as little as 0.05%, if a player plays perfect basic strategy.  In America, the dealer gets his second card – face-down.

Blackjack is a game developed over a couple of centuries – Spain and France had the beginning ideas of it in about 1602 AD, in games that were about getting to 21, and bestowing the Ace with a value of 1 or 11.  Blackjack cannot be formed again if you split hands, but that is another story – not something to worry about today.  For now, give it a go – even at home with one deck.  Without spinning, shoot again, etc.  128 cards out of 416 – almost a third.  Now, I have no problem with going to the casino, taking a couple of hundred dollars and just not worrying about the outcomes.  However, Blackjack is the only casino game where there is a strategy – it is not just random.  Let’s pretend it’s being dealt with a manual shoe – that means the dealer shuffles the cards well, the cards are cut (generally the player inserts a cut card into the deck, at least 1.5 decks from either end and the dealer moves all the cards in front of the cut card to the back) and the cards are placed in a shoe.  Shoot again – no bullet.

What do the cards mean?

All About Blackjack

The Classic Casino Card Game

Blackjack is a game of statistics.  The Ace is worth 1 or 11.  Basic strategy gives the player very exact rules to follow in every situation in the game, in order to give them the best possible chance of winning.  Consider this: if you shot the gun, it was blank, but did not spin before you shot again.  You shot again, and it was blank.  Queen + Queen is 20.  You spin the chamber again.  However, if the dealer had a 5, and you had 16 – you would stay.  This is the version played in Europe, Asia and Australia – where every player with a bet in the box is dealt a face-up card, from left to right, and then the dealer, and then every player is dealt a second card.  If either player goes over 21, they ‘bust’ – which means they lose.

What is basic strategy?

What is the house’s edge in Blackjack?.  With or without live bets on the table …  That’s 1 shot down.  You shoot.  Anyway, fast forward to today, and it’s the most-played casino game in the world.  You spin the chamber, and so on and so forth.  So a 10 is worth 10, as is the Jack, Queen or King.  You don’t have to go into a gambling venue to enjoy the game at  That means that they will win 0.05% more than you do under basic strategy circumstances.  No bullet, again.  You could bust, but it gives you your best chance of winning if you draw.  The dealer does not get a second card – the house draws when all players have finished making their decision; therefore, what an individual player does directly affects the outcome for all players and the dealer.  Each time you shoot without spinning the chamber, there is a 1 in 6 chance, then a 1 in 5 chance, then a 1 in 4 chance until there is an extremely high chance at 1 in 3 or 1 in 2 that you will fire the bullet!  Bad game – I don’t recommend it.

Anyway, in those 8 decks, there are 32 Aces.  This is how card counting works – if you are very vigilant and have a good system (Hi-Lo is the most commonly known and used by the famous MIT groups) you can predict what the cards will be by keeping track of what cards have already come out.  Players try to make a hand (at least two cards, the value of which is added together) that is 21 or as close to 21 as possible – the dealer or ‘the house’ also draws cards to try to get to 21.  Another 3 come out – there are now 28 Aces.  2 is the lowest, then 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10/J/Q/K.  For the player, this means if they have A, 5 that is announced as ‘6 or 16′.  You can take a card, and another card, or not take any cards.  Needless to say, casinos do not like this, and for that reason manual shoes are not often used

The relationship between betting and lottery play.

The nature of substitution from the betting sector to lotto can therefore be revealed in greater and more reliable detail.

II. Controlling for the latter, our analysis revealed a degree of habit formation such that the amount staked on any 1 d reflected, at least for some products, the amount m88 asia bet the day before and on the same day the previous week. If no player wins this jackpot, the money is “rolled over” to the next draw. This is likely to have distorted their results.


We use BONUS in preference to a measure of price (the 1 pound entry fee minus the expected value of holding a ticket) because the amount of money rolled over from the previous draw is exogenous, whereas price would potentially be endogenous since, given the nature of the lotto game, expected value itself increases with the number of tickets sold (and therefore with the number of pounds attracted from betting). What costs and benefits are implied by offering lottery players better payouts? Will it damage the horse racing and breeding industries by drawing money away from wagering? Will it shift a significant volume of gambling from a “hard” form of gaming (betting) to a “soft” form (lotteries)? Does prohibiting access to low-cost wagering supplied via the Internet (as in the United States and France) protect the state lottery sector as well as domestic betting suppliers? These are the sorts of questions that require knowledge of whether and to what extent variation in value for money offered by lotteries induces reallocation of expenditure away from betting. Draws take place twice weekly, on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. (10) Adding rollover and Superdraw together gives greater precision in our estimates not only because of the greater number of “bonus” events but also because aggregation gives greater variation in the value of the BONUS variables. MODEL


SUR Betting Turnover Estimates

A recent comprehensive report on gambling for the European Union (Swiss Institute of Comparative Law 2006, pp. The data therefore sometimes recorded Sunday business, but sometimes there was no business to record. By implication, some of the loss in lottery sales since 2001 is likely to be attributable to the large change in the relative prices of the two products associated with reform of betting tax. Phone 0044-161-295-3674, Fax 0044-161-295-2130, E-mail

The National Lottery variables, WEDNESDAY BONUS and SATURDAY BONUS, reflect that the behavior of potential players may be influenced by any bonus money added to the jackpot both on the day of the draw (when tickets may be purchased up to 7.30 p.m.) and on the two preceding days. Purfield and Waldron (1999) found that rollovers of the Irish lotto raised both lotto sales and the volume of side betting (with a major Irish bookmaker) on which numbers were drawn. “Buying a Dream: Alternative Models of Demand for Lotto.” Economic Inquiry, 40, 2002, 485-96.

ADF: Augmented Dickey-Fuller

Thalheimer, R., and M. (6) If households reallocate their gambling portfolios according to variations in relative price, this makes bookmaking potentially vulnerable if takeout falls in the lotto game, depending of course on the degree of sensitivity to value for money. Summaries of spending diaries were available for each of 6,637 households, which comprised a rolling sample, with each household taking part for 2 wk. Numbers equation also contains six subperiod dummy

variables to control for the variety of numbers game regimes during the

sample period.

Betting and lotteries are very different products. The total amounts wagered were provided for betting on horse racing, dog racing, soccer matches, and numbers games. Although the unit root test for numbers only rejects the null of nonstationarity at 10%, we are inclined to accept stationarity. To establish a consistent lag structure, it was necessary to treat each week as having the same number of days. Waldron. A fifth sector, sports betting (excluding soccer) was not included in our model because its volume is small and very heterogeneous in terms of the sort of events covered. On the other hand, payouts corresponding to small lotto prizes are much more generous than in the official game as bookmaking is very lightly taxed compared with the UKNL.

[] refers to sales in sector i on date t. For example, a greater number of horse races shown on television lowered betting, presumably because potential bettors stayed at home. Such an effect was indeed detected, with a strongly significant negative coefficient, but only on Saturday and with a relatively low implied degree of cross elasticity.

We were supplied with over 5 yr of daily data on turnover in four forms of gambling offered by a major national but, for commercial reasons, anonymous British bookmaker. Access to a unique data set on betting with a prominent UK bookmaker permits us to offer an assessment.

Bank holiday soccer: dummy for a public holiday with a full English soccer programme.

UKNL: UK National Lottery

Big meeting: dummy for a day of one of the major Festival horse race meetings at Ascot, Goodwood, or Cheltenham.

Our results illustrate a certain willingness of players to reallocate their gambling budgets between the betting and the lottery as value for money changes from lottery draw to lottery draw. This is particularly true for bookmaker betting, where a much more favorable tax regime was introduced in 2001. Given this, horse bettors appear reluctant to forego wagers, whereas they appear less committed to the horses on Thursday.

The test statistics for our betting sectors, based on 12 lags without trend, were -3.74, -4.21, -6.22, and -2.62 for horses, dogs, soccer, and numbers, respectively, to be compared with a critical value of -2.86 at 5% significance and -2.57 at 10%. In the British version of the game, further variation in prize levels between draws occurs because the operator is permitted to reserve some revenue to fund occasional promotional “Superdraws” where extra money is added to the jackpot. Wednesday soccer and Wednesday lotto are clear substitutes.

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Bet Of The Day: Fulham v Bournemouth

ทางเข้า fun88 (It is exactly the same as betting on Fulham or Draw)

. They will definitely find it difficult to beat a Fulham side scrapping for survival and the return of captain Scott Parker could provoke a resurgence amongst Fulham’s performances.

As a result, our experts believe that Fulham have a massive opportunity to obtain even all 3 points at Craven Cottage. However, just to lower the risk, we bet on Fulham +0.5 Asian Handicap @1.925, bookie: Bet365.

Bet Of The Day: Fulham v Bournemouth 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote

Fulham and Bournemouth are at the opposite ends of the Championship table with Fulham just narrowly sitting above the drop zone and Bournemouth in with a shout of achieving automatic promotion to the Premier League.

However, lately Bournemouth have gone off the boil. In all competitions they have just won 1 game in their last 5 away fixtures. Their win against Wolves on Tuesday was their first win in 5 matches and Bournemouth ‘s current away form has been abysmal

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TeamSnap Releases TeamSnap Live! for Real-Time Updates for Youth Sports Games

Recently, I could not attend one of my daughter’s away playoff

games, but with TeamSnap Live!, it was really nice to see what was going

on while it was going on. The TeamSnap

app is used millions of times per month in 195 countries, and TeamSnap

Live! expands the app’s use beyond logistical capabilities like tracking

game attendance or checking the location of practice.

“TeamSnap Live! is a real shift in the way people experience and

interact with the live game experience,” said Dave DuPont, TeamSnap CEO. TeamSnap Live!

requires the latest app versions of iOS 3.0.3 and Android 3.0.4, and

some features require enabling notifications.

“We have lots of parents who have multiple kids playing and are

stretched. Often, one parent has to go with one kid to a game while the

other parent is at another game, and having TeamSnap Live! has been a

great resource for parents who can follow the games even when they’re

not physically there,” said Wesley Houston, a hockey team manager who

uses TeamSnap. Those who can’t be at the games can simply check the

app to join in the action.

About TeamSnap

TeamSnap experienced a banner year in 2014, doubling its user base and

strengthening its position as the most widely used team management

platform in the world, according to third-party monitoring. I was glued to my phone looking for messages

and scores.”

TeamSnap Live! is now available through the free TeamSnap app, available

in the Google

Play Store and in the iTunes

App Store (also available in French and Spanish). For more information, please


. Customers love being able to instantly communicate

breaking team news and stay updated on

every play of every game.”

With TeamSnap Live!, user Jill Twetten feels like she can be in two

places at once: “I have two daughters who play travel soccer, and often

we’re in two different parts of the state or even different states for

games. TeamSnap Live!

provides coaches with an avenue for instant communication and brings

live game developments to parents working late or attending another

child’s event, out-of-town grandparents or those just unable to attend

for any reason.


used by 8 million people around the world to coordinate sports and other

activities, today released TeamSnap Live!, a hallmark in-app feature

that brings real-time score updates, sideline banter, play-by-plays,

photo sharing, instant communication and more to the mobile device.

Eight million people around the world use TeamSnap to coordinate

sports and other ongoing activities. “I’m at 99 percent of the events, but on a recent

Saturday, I was not able to make the game, and it was great to be able

to follow along, have that live interaction and ask questions without

having to wait until after the game.”

TeamSnap Live! gives coaches, team managers, parents and spectators the

power to update game scores, recap plays and add color commentary in

real time from their smartphones. With these team crowdsourced real-time

updates, TeamSnap Live! eliminates the need for one person to take on

the task of tracking the score while also expanding the information flow

among team fans.

“Results from pre-release show TeamSnap Live! will be our most popular

feature to date

How to Watch FREE NBA Games Live Online

You can test your connection speed at a place like is peer 2 peer website on which users stream free NBA games live for you to watch. Only experience will tell you which works best for you. This is not to say that these sites have adware or spyware, however you will be downloading a plug in or a stand alone player to watch free NBA games online, and you should always scan files before executing. Step 4It’s time to install your plug in or application if the site you have chosen requires one. Here are a few steps you can take that may help you find just the site that has just the free NBA game you are looking for.

Tips & WarningsIf you are interested in pure speed of broadcast and video quality then a free NBA live stream may not be for you.The sites mentioned do not charge for the service or for the plug in or application.

There is usually a pretty good reason for someone wondering how to watch free NBA games live online, and if you do a search for a site offering free NBA games your browser will likely go into overload and three hours later, you may still be looking for that game. Remember paid sites have a lot more dollars behind them to provide a much better connection speed. You need to make sure yours is 30 mps or more. also provides many sports events. Some games may be streamed there and some might not be but it is always good to have a backup. You have scanned the downloaded plug in or the application for viruses, right? Double click the file you just saved and execute it. There are several sites that provide free NBA games live online. You should be aware the quality of the stream may be poorer than your cable, but then again, it is a way for you to watch free NBA games online you might otherwise miss.

Things You Will NeedA need to watch live basketball from your computer.

Especially if you couldn’t get those Lakers tickets that you wanted, but still want to watch Lakers games live from home or on the road. Each site that streams these sports games has its own requirements.Step 2Update your virus definitions. If it below standards then you will probably not have a satisfying experience watching free NBA games online. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Step 3All done? Good now it’s time to pick a site. Now find the free NBA games live you want all for the price of an internet connection!

Array. If it is a browser plug in then you will need to restart your browser. This article will help you out.Step 1The very first thing you will need is a good internet connection. You can download either their stand alone player or their plug in and watch from your browser. is online TV that provides many TV channels including some cable channels from all over the world and of course ESPN

Josh Duggar Gets Bashed On Twitter After Sharing Pic Of Newborn Daughter Meredith Grace

Put your night visions on Anna. Who lets their children near a sexual predator? Who has sex w/that?

@joshduggar his eldest daughter is his target age… During the latter part of Anna’s pregnancy, the excitement was dulled by not only Josh’s issues, but a several other Duggar family scandals.. The star of the recently canceled TLC show, 19 Kids and Counting, shared a photo of the couple’s beautiful new daughter, Meredith Grace, with his Twitter fans — one that shows him beaming with pride.

@VilleneuveLisa @SecretAZ12 @joshduggar @Anna_Duggar it’s disgusting.

Although the family tried to keep the positive news coming, it was clear that the situation was taking its toll — Josh posted less on social media and there were rumors that his family had him under suicide watch.

– Josh Duggar (@joshduggar) July 19, 2015

– Muffy Marracco (@muffymarracco) July 20, 2015

Announcing the arrival of Meredith Grace Duggar! 7lbs 14 ozs, 20-1/2in — Anna and Meredith are resting & doing well!

People reports that little Meredith Grace Duggar’s siblings also gave their new sister a warm welcome this weekend, including Marcus, 2, Michael, 4, and Mackynzie, 5.

The couple announced that they were expecting baby number four back in December, months before the scandal made headlines. Here’s another photo… daughter, TLC announced that it would be permanently canceling the family’s reality show, 19 Kids and Counting, based on the sexual molestation allegations brought against Josh.

Josh Duggar Gets Bashed On Twitter After Sharing Pic Of Newborn Daughter Meredith Grace

Josh Duggar and his wife, Anna welcomed their fourth child into the world this weekend. Just days before Anna delivered their 7 lbs., 14 oz. God help those innocent children! — AdrianneMarie (@AdrianneSuits) July 19, 2015

@joshduggar @Anna_Duggar A new girl for Josh to molest. How can any woman lie next to a man like that?

Although the reaction from many 19 Kids fans was positive, there were a number of mean tweets from those who continue bashing the reality star over the sexual molestation scandal that surfaced a few months ago.

@joshduggar Thoughts and prayers with you that you manage not to molest her.

Despite the endless amount of mean tweets that were directed at Josh Duggar this weekend, he continued to post positively about his newborn daughter, ignoring the negative reactions to his tweets.

– Josh Duggar (@joshduggar) July 19, 2015

[Image: Josh Duggar Twitter/Duggar Family Blog]

– Lisa Villeneuve (@VilleneuveLisa) July 19, 2015

– Samantha (@_HelloHibiscus_) July 19, 2015

It’s been a tough few months for Josh Duggar since reports surfaced that he sexually molested four of his sisters and the family’s babysitter when he was a teenager

5 Kinds of People in a Facebook Group

Try steering clear of them.. Posting ads on those places is pointless.

There’s also the guy who thinks he can have a relevant discussion in a group, but that kind is slowly being driven to extinction. From dubious news sites to the blogs of East Asian teenagers, you will find them proclaiming “add me ;)” religiously in the comments section. He might not even bother reading your post to see what it is about. His essay will be ready within 10 minutes, enlightening you on how you are wrong about everything in your life and that this essay will save you from moral ineptitude and the pathetic life you no doubt have. 

The following are the five kinds of people I see lurking in Facebook groups. But there will always be that person who’d write “F” on every single post because nobody likes or comments in his stuff and he needs notifications to save himself from all the loneliness. 

The “Add Me Gurls” Guy

They sprout out of everywhere. Let’s not count them. 

That One Person Who Will Comment “F” On Every Post

Usually when one thinks a particular discussion is interesting and that s/he should “follow” it, they write “F” on the comment so that they might get notified when other people comment on it. He can be reached at

The Essayist

This person has the amazing ability to write a 500 word comment with terrible grammar on any given post.

The Repost Guy

This person will repeatedly post links to stuff that have already been posted on the group before. I don’t see much of them in Facebook groups nowadays, but that’s mostly because I’ve acquired a little self-respect and left all the so called “entertaining” groups. 

Rafee Shaams is an amalgam personality, an accretion of various sub-personas, identities that are individual facets of a great jewel mind whose various facets exist beyond normal three-dimensional space and can only be perceived by children and the insane. They can’t possibly join a Filipino Ariana Grande Fan Club and expect people to buy their handmade bookmarkers made from tissues and glue. Sometimes he’ll repost his own link because that’s who he is. I once tried doing this, but the repost guy in my group requested me not to steal his thunder, and I listened to him the first time because I didn’t want him to repeat himself.

The Guy Who Has a New Online Shop and Wants You to Buy Stuff from Him

These people need to understand that there’s a time and place for everything

Cagayan airport starts operations by 2015


She said the airport would not only make Cagayan’s economy stronger and sustainable but will boost the entire Cagayan Valley, which is one of the country’s food baskets.

“The airport will also serve as an alternate gateway for investors, tourists and other visitors coming from countries around the world,” said Darauay, also the acting chair of the Regional Development Council for Cagayan Valley.

Darauay said LIA, which will be fully operational before the year ends or early next year, will improve accessibility by air to the economic and free port zone as well as to other places of the region and nearby towns towards the Cordillera.


TUGUEGARAO CITY: Officials of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines said they evaluating the compliance of the Lallo International Airport (LIA) to the “international aerodrome standards.”

Jayme said the completion of LIA will be a vital component in the operation of the Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Free Port with its 2.1-kilometer long and 45-meter wide runway which can accommodate up to 320 airbuses.

Marie Joyce Jayme, CEZA public relations chief, said the project involves the development of a fully operational international airport that is able to accommodate larger aircrafts and international flights.

Regional Director Mary Anne Darauay of the National Economic and Development Authority for Region 2 said the on-going construction of the building structures, roadway, perimeter fence, drainage, electrical lines and other airport appurtenances is targeted to be completed in summer.

Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) officials said the project which is now 94.78-percent complete as to civil works and building structures is seen to spur economic and tourism growth in northeast Luzon, especially within CEZA.

A joint venture between the government and the private sector, the P1.67-billion airport in Lallo town in Cagayan will serve both domestic and international flights, especially from Asian countries like Japan, China, Taiwan and Singapore.

March 5, 2014 10:21 pm


Man Dragged 300 Feet Down In Ocean By A Tuna Fish- Really!

Jess Ramos,” the Coast Guard said in its website.

I know most people hear the word tuna and they think of a small 8 oz can of tuna fish that is great for sandwiches and casseroles. Eric Guieb, accompanied Te in his treatment about SARV-001.

The Philippine Coast Guard in the district of South Eastern Mindanao said the diver was pulled underwater at a depth of about 300 feet.  He was in waters off Kiamba, Saranggani.

While most of us think of tuna as small chunk-size pieces, they can actually be quiet large.  World records state they can be as long at 15 feet and weigh as much as 1038 Lbs.  Te is lucky to be in good condition and alive.

Te was than transported on a commercial vessel bound for Cebu on Monday.

That is just what happened to scuba diver, Ramir Te.  He was on a fishing expedition when he was pulled underwater by a tuna around 5:45pm on Saturday.

. But most people do not think of a tuna to be a gigantic fish.  Large enough to pull a man down 300 feet into the ocean.

Te was also treated by the Air Force in a recompression chamber while aboard Coast Guard search-and-rescue vessel BRP San Juan (SARV-001).  Hyperbaric doctor, Cdr. “(He) was airlifted to Cagayan de Oro on (Sunday) by Philippine Air Force Helicopter accompanied by a hyperbaric doctor Dr

Tattered and Torn | CBN Asia, Inc.

So I carefully wrapped it in some silk material of hers and took it home to make it a part of my treasured books in my library. I thought of how special this particular Bible was to me. Accept Him TODAY in your life.

. It was part of the life I had with my mother. I could picture her sitting and reading her Bible, so tattered and torn, perhaps reading the Scripture where the bookmarks fell among the pages. The pages had become loose from the binding and a piece of leather was torn off one corner. She had made herself ready as a part of the bride of Christ.

When my mother passed away many years ago, I found her Bible. However, the knowledge of what was written in those pages was forever engraved upon her heart. – Have your ever had something of great value wear out? Maybe it was torn, stained, or falling to pieces. Although her body wore out, her heart was brand new, without spot, wrinkle, or blemish. I would sit and read those verses:

by Cathy Irvin, CBN

My mother was a “living epistle” of God’s grace in her life. Whatever the item might have been, if it was worn out, you usually threw it away.

As I looked through her Bible, I could not throw it away, nor could I give it away in its condition. When she got her Bible, she used it.

“And to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless” (Ephesians 5:27).

“I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you” (Psalm 119:11).

Many years ago, I had led my mother to the Lord. I shared Christ with her so she would come to know Him in the quietness of her days and evenings, and she loved the Lord. But inside she had pretty bookmarkers and little notes.

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path” (Psalm 119:105).

YOUR LIFE CAN BE MADE BRAND NEW! This is Jesus Christ’s expertise. Some of the pages were curled up on the edges. The more she used it, the more it began to show wear

Betting on the royal baby

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Adams is just hoping that the name is kept secret, unlike when Prince William was born. He said William Hill got taken to the cleaners in 1982, when the prince’s name leaked three days before he was born.

Most of the royal gamblers think the couple will have a teeny tiny brown-haired princess, but the odds are split between which royal will carry the future queen or king out of the hospital.

“The news they were engaged did not leak, so they must run a very tight ship.”

CNNMoney (New York) July 16, 2013: 12:04 PM ET


William Hill, one of the world’s biggest online betting sites, has already taken in more than £20,000 in bets, according to spokesman Rupert Adams.

A small few could win big if William and Kate go with dark horse choices Waynetta or Chardonnay.

As Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge prepare to welcome their heir in mid-July, thousands of people are betting on when the royal bundle of joy will arrive, what its name will be and whether it will have its Uncle Harry’s signature ginger hair. He expects the most money to be bet on the baby’s name, followed by its size and the birth date.

“Obviously the closer we get to the big day, the more interest we will see,” Adams he said. They paid out £30,000 total around his birth. Odds are at 500/1 and 250/1, respectively.

But try as they might, Adams thinks royal snoops are unlikely to unearth the name early this time around. royal baby betting Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are due to welcome their first child in July.

It will also be a chance for some people to win big money. Diana and Elizabeth, for Prince William’s late mother and grandmother, trail close behind. The vast majority of bets average less than £1.

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So far, Alexandra is the favorite with 5/2 odds. They lost nearly £10,000 as the price plummeted from 33/1 to 3/1

The Adventures of Opus and Mopar Mac

350, MCU, and Rice Burner among those who set sail in the game.

Part of that was the nature of how we hunted.  Long stretches of time would go by where I was sure we were all laying in ambush, waiting for somebody else to drive by.  We would sit on side streets, wedged between other parked cars, in people’s driveways, waiting and watching regular intersections as they represented choke points.  This was gate camping in 1982.

I got Mopar Mac because I drove a Plymouth, and the Chrysler parts division is called Mopar.

However, we cannot get a bearing on the elusive “Huey” (named after the cartoon duck and not the helicopter, and you’d know why if you met him) because “Mr. (Allegedly standing for MOre Parts Are Required, reflecting upon the unreliability of Chrysler products.)

The ankh is, in fact, a wooden “T” with a copper loop attached to the top.  There is a coax cable attached to the loop that runs down the length of the wooden handle and into the car.  It is attached to the antenna connector on the back of the CB radio.

But for a time there was a pulse of excitement when we heard somebody suggest that it might be a night for U-Boat.

Potshot and I are sitting in my 74 Plymouth Duster on a side street in Cupertino near a point we refer to as “crash landing.”  Our eyes are focused on a Citizen’s Band radio mounted under the vast black metal dashboard of the Duster.

I never knew if he thought it up himself or heard about it from somebody else, but he introduced the idea one day in high school.

Of course another issue was that we all cheated early and often.

We are playing U-Boat.. (It turned out that the crude loop antenna was formed in such a way that it focused 90 degrees off from where we assumed it would.  It was a bit more useful once we figured that out!)  Somebody once spent a good part of one game parked in a garage, broadcasting as though they were in motion.  Once in a while we’d just drive over to Jack in the Box for some food and let everybody stew.

It is a cold Friday night in February of 1982.

Potshot took Opus from the penguin in Bloom County, a popular comic at the time.  Somehow the penguin association stuck with him and for years afterward people who never played U-Boat or knew his handle would buy him penguin related gifts.

You also had to have a CB radio in your car to communicate with your team and to eavesdrop on the other side.

The concept was simple.  A group of people with cars divide up into two teams and stalk each other in a pre-determined geographical area.

Most nights of playing were slow.  Finding targets took patience and long stretches of time would be devoted to searching or laying in wait.  This is part of the reason we sailed with two people per vehicle most nights, the boredom.  That and the fact that not everybody who wanted to play had a car.

It is a crude radio direction finder that Potshot made.

We started out with what seemed like a modest territory to cover and two teams of three cars each.

We played U-Boat over the course of two years before it fully faded from our routine.  A lot of people came and played once, found it boring, and did not return.  After a while we got to a point where finding enough people became the biggest obstacle to playing and eventually we gave up trying.  There were more entertaining things to do on a Friday night.

High Beams of Doom!High Beams of Doom!

So the night would creep by as we hunted.  Every once in a while though, there would be a “YOUR DEAD!” cry over the radio and somebody would be sent back to base for a short duration.

For the most part we avoided irritating the neighbors.  Only once did we get entangled with the Sheriff’s department after “Mr. 350? roared past me, and the police cruiser in front of me, on the wrong side of Linda Vista in the 72 Camero with the 350 CID engine from which he took his handle.  Born with the gift of gab, he talked himself out of yet another ticket, nicely leaving the mic open on his radio so we could hear him do it.

Bill was Frogger, for reasons that escape me.

[Warning: These memories are over 25 years old.  They may have shifted, settled, or mixed with unrelated events during storage.  Some of this may never have happened.  I will affirm however that Mr. 350? (commonly called “Weebee”) is on the channel practicing at being annoying by keying up the microphone and rambling on and on, frequently riffing on “We be we be we be we be we be on the CB” (which is why we call him “Weebee” instead of his preferred handle) or the ubiquitous for the time “Goodbuddygoodbuddygoodbuddygoodbuddygoodbuddy” spoken rapidly and continuously until he ran out of breath.

There were even attempts at camouflage.  I would get out of the car mid-game and unplug one of my headlights or the running lights so that  the headlight pattern that everybody had gotten to know would be a little different.

So we weren’t doing very well.  We weren’t even sure “Huey” was still on this channel.  Maybe it was time to leave our observation and tracking point and cruise for targets.

We would run out of bounds and listen to radio traffic or try to get an RDF bearing on somebody. 350 had a knack for getting pulled over and talking his way out of tickets and that years later I bought Potshot a 6-pack of imported beer solely because it had a penguin on the label.  I recall that the beer  was branded “Zele” and that it wasn’t very good.]

Some of the U-Boat crew in 1982Some of the U-Boat crew in 1982

U-Boat was the brainchild of our friend Bill.

When you saw a member of the opposing team, you would flash your high beams at them to “sink” them for a point.

And what are we doing out in the cold trying to track somebody’s radio emissions?

We quickly found out how difficult it can be to find three other cars, all in motion, in even what seemed to be a small area.  Subsequent games were often cut down to the area in the red square.

There were, to my recollection, few if any disputes over who fired first.  There was no MILES gear / Laser Tag level of victory determination.  It was more a “Bang! You’re dead!” level of resolution.

Potshot is rotating the loop while we watch the signal meter on the radio in an attempt to locate “Huey.”

Huey got his because that was his nickname in any case.

Of course, sinking neutrals was supposed to cost you, but you had to get caught.

Of course, to use a CB, you have to have a handle.

The Hunting GroundsThe Hunting Grounds

In the end, scores were rather low, even in our reduced hunting zone.  The roads just aren’t as crowded as you think they are.

We also had to work up codes for locations to coordinate with our team without letting the other side know where we were.  Of course, a good deal of disinformation went out over the air as well.

Despite the cold, the passenger side window is rolled down and Potshot is holding out the window something that, from a distance, might be mistaken for a crude ankh.

And still it could be difficult to spot the enemy.

There was also Filbert, Binkley, Spock, Mr

Secrets of Marie Antoinette by Olivier Bernier

Called ‘the Austrian’ by the French people, Marie was disliked from the start because France and Austria had been enemies for many years. She also adopted poor children and food was distributed to the poor every day at Versailles.

Secrets of Marie Antoinette: A Collection of Letters, edited by Olivier Bernier

The young Marie turned to designing the grounds and interior of the Petit Trianon, shopping, gambling and generally enjoying herself with her friends as a means of escape from her problems. Maria Theresa, who also disapproved, showed her hypocracy by telling Marie to try to please du Barry to win favour with the French King.

Mercy’s letters to Maria Theresa tell her what he thinks about Marie’s activities and describes his advice to her. Bernier’s commentary repeats the many cliches often used against the doomed French Queen. He doesn’t make the point that the deficit was mostly caused by the American Revolution. Bernier isn’t one of them. Marie had never met Louis.

This is well-worth reading if you are interested in Marie-Antoinette and the French Revolution. He accuses her of being unintelligent, for example, although she read heavy books like the History of England by Hume, helped her rather sullen husband to become more diplomatic, and she was a talented musician. Louis’s aunts wrongly influenced her to ignore du Barry. The King and Queen were patrons of the Maison Philanthropique, for example, according to Elena M. Maria Theresa arranged this marriage to further an alliance between Austria and France. Her mother, of course, disapproved of all this and nagged at her to change her ways.

ISBN 0-88064-004-002, Fromm, 1985, pp.326

Marie also writes about her husband, whose impotence and obsession with hunting annoyed her greatly. The people blamed her for the deficit, for example, but most of this was due to France helping the Americans fight the British in the American Revolution.

The young princess found herself faced with many problems when she attempted to become a valued member of the French court. Vidal, who studies the Queen and blogs about her at Tea at Trianon.

Marie Antoinette Marie Antoinette, the daughter of the Austrian Empress Maria Theresa, traveled to France when she was only 15 to marry the Dauphin, Louis. This famously annoyed the French people. The empress secretly got Mercy to spy on Marie and watch her every movement.

Bernier’s Commentary on Marie Antoinette

Many historians are sympathetic with the doomed Queen now. She also had to cope with the impotence of her husband, the nagging of her dominating mother who wrote to her often, and the intrigues of the court.

The Collection of Marie Antoinette’s Letters

These letters detail Marie’s intimate thoughts about many of the people at the court, such as Madame du Barry and the decadent Duke d’Orleans.. He also doesn’t describe Marie’s charitable activities. This organization did much for the aged, blind and widows and was founded by Louis XVI, Marie’s husband. Used to the informality of the Austrian court where she enjoyed playing with her many brothers and sisters, Marie disliked the strict ritual and etiquette of Versailles. This was a purely political marriage. Maria Theresa tends to blame her for these problems and gives her advice about pleasing him.. Marie refused to talk to Madame du Barry, the King’s mistress, at first because she disapproved of her relationship with the King. Like her mother, he disapproves of her being too influenced by her friends, staying up late, and spending too much money. However, it is a good idea to read more sympathetic texts about the Queen, such as Antonia Fraser’s The Journey, to see different points of view.

Unfortunately, much of what the French people knew about Marie was propaganda from those with grudges against her, such as the Duke d’Orleans of whom Marie disapproved